Safety Boat Training


SESCA operates 2 Safety Boats to provide cover principally at the weekends but also on some weekdays.

Each Safety Boat is fully equipped with apparatus for the role in accordance with the standards required by the RYA.

These short videos have been prepared by Matt Hughes, SESCA's Chief Instructor for Powerboats, to help crews preparing to use the 2 types of Safety Boat:

The standard crew for a Safety Boat are volunteer Club Members who are a qualified Safety Boat Driver accompanied by a Safety Boat Crew.

The following presentation and videos provide a summary of the training that our crews receive before they undertake their roles.

Safety Boat Training

Wearing the Kill Cord

How to deal with Cold Water Shock

Entrapment and some righting manoeuvres

Single crew safety boat

Towing behind a Safety Boat

Righting a dinghy by towing from a shroud

Using a throw-line and repacking a throw bag

How to fit and check your buoyancy aid