How we operate

What it means to be a Member of SESCA

SESCA is managed and run as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) by its Members who volunteer for roles and duties. This helps to keep the fees very affordable and ensures the Club remains accessible to all.

We have prepared a 1-page brief that covers details about CASC, the Annual Programme and Volunteering.

Prospective members are normally briefed on these points when they visit the Club and meet a Committee Member or the OOD but the document can be accessed here.

CASC Status

Being a Community Amateur Sports Club means that the Members have to participate in the Club's activities throughout the year. This document sets out the implications of the CASC status for SESCA's Members: CASC Status.

Roles and Responsibilities

There are number of well-defined roles that Members undertake to ensure the smooth operation of the Club. These are defined in this document: Roles and Responsibilities.

Volunteering for Duties

Members fulfil a number of duties for the Club:

  • Officer of the Day

  • Race Officer

  • Rescue/Safety Boat Driver

  • Rescue/Safety Boat Crew

  • Instructor (on water)

  • Trainer (on land)

  • Enhanced cleaning

SESCA uses an application called DutyMan to schedule Members into these duties throughout the season. DutyMan for SESCA can be accessed here.