Stowmarket's most popular Olympic sport

Post date: 13-Jun-2013 22:30:30

When Stowmarket Middle School first approached the Club about arranging a sailing taster session, as part of a post-Olympic's scheme to give their children an opportunity try 10 different Olympic sports, they weren't sure how popular the event would be. As an indication, they said that they had had 30 takers for tennis but only 8 for boxing. They have now come back saying that they have had 39 requests for places from their pupils, making sailing by far the most popular of their Olympic sport tasters!The Club is now looking for volunteers to help with running this session, which be held on Tuesday, 9th July starting at 5 pm. Please contact Kieron Adams or Mike Steele if you are able to help.

(Photograph: British Sailing Team photography)