On your marks!

Post date: 06-Jul-2020 10:21:15

Following the easing of COVID restrictions, SESCA is now able to start racing again in a “conservative and considerate” manner, as described by the RYA.

The Club has performed a risk assessment and decided that we can run Pursuit events in an appropriately safe manner. The Pursuit format requires the least organisation whilst on site and avoids any crowded starts.

A local interim race rule has been created where any sailor can call ‘water’ when another boat is moving towards breaching the 1m+ lateral separation of the concerned boat. The Pursuit format, in itsellf, significantly reduces the risk of congestion at marks around the course.

Racing will commence on Sunday 12th July. The race calendar has been updated to maximise the opportunity for as many qualifying events until the end of the season. ( Please note that the calendar shows group and other club events, which are still on hold) .

Commodore Norman Savager said: "I know we can rely upon the stalwart regular sailors to start again but this could be an opportunity for lapsed racers to come back or newer Members to give it a try. The Pursuit format is an opportunity to start at your designated time and then sail the set course as briskly as you can safely do so.

I want to stress that one of the things that has most impressed me with the racing at SESCA is the friendly manner in which it is conducted. We want to take the opportunity this year to encourage more Members to give it a try, if only to give your weekly trip to the Club on to the water to sail a bit more of a purpose.

One of the things to bear in mind is that you don’t have to compete in all the races on any given day, and Pursuit races are typically of about 45 minutes duration."

To help Members get to the start line next Sunday, the Club will be hosting a Zoom conference meeting at 1900 on Thursday 9th July. The meeting will comprise 2 parts. The first part will be a briefing on the specific arrangements for ‘COVID Secure racing’ at SESCA, including the new arrangements we will have to make to be safe. The second part will be a summary of the main rules of racing to remind Members who haven’t raced for a while and give Members new to racing enough of an insight into the rules to get them going.

If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact sesca.admin@gmail.com