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Sailing & Kayaking Resume

posted May 14, 2020, 3:13 AM by SESCA admin
The Commodore is pleased to announce that with the Government's easing of lockdown restrictions and guidance from the RYA that Members may resume the use of the Club's facilities, with the following provisos:

Do not come to the Club if you are:
Experiencing COVID-19 symptoms
Self-isolating because you or a member of your family has experienced COVID-19                            symptoms
Following ‘stay at home’ or ‘shielding’ guidance because you are classed as a Clinically                    Vulnerable or Clinically Extremely Vulnerable person
You must avoid using the clubhouse and other building facilities if you can possibly do so
These are assessed as being the highest risk areas at the Club, where there are communal              surfaces that would need to be cleaned after use, such as door handles, counters,                        changing rooms and toilet facilities
You are responsible as an individual for cleaning before and after use any shared                             equipment or club boats that you wish to use
The current advice is that the virus has a life of 72hrs on surfaces
You are responsible for bringing your own cleaning materials and PPE that you believe is                 necessary for every activity that you will undertake at the club, including opening the                     access gate
Please observe the social distancing instructions for 2m separation away from people                        outside your household
This applies throughout the site including the car park, slipways, boat park and pontoons
Please avoid forming ‘crowds’ should the site become busy
You may decide that there are too many people present for your own safety
You can 'meet up' with one person from outside your household, which enables recreational             ‘buddy' sailing to be performed
The Club will not be organising any events from the annual programme for the time being,                 including racing
Multiple person occupancy of a craft is only allowed with people from your own household
Please be aware that Members will not be asked to perform Safety Boat and OOD duties for             the time being, and thus the level of supervision and safety cover is reduced under the                 current arrangements, especially at weekends
This will influence the risk assessment you need to perform for on-water activities, including             whether you are competent enough to use the boat in the prevailing conditions
We must minimise the risk of needing to call out the emergency services
Please remember to make sure the SESCA site is secure in all respects when you are the                 last person to leave.

Please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions about this guidance. We will provide updates when we are advised accordingly.